• The 10th Locarno classification is in force as from january 2014  - but only minor changes occur... Report Here
  • The Wipo is still working on their ambitious project started in 2007 to reform the Locarno classification, based on visual search features regardless of the purpose of the object that they represent - but results are delayed.

  • We have moved: please find our new address on the contact page
  • The Locarno classification  has been revised on Jan 1 2009 with the 9th edition. The main point is the long awaited official class for the logos  (class 32). But as no subclass is proposed,  logo searches remain the hugest ones 






      INPI  Institut National de la propriété industrielle (France)


      EPO  European Patent Office


      WIPO World International patent Office in Switzerland 


      OHMI Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) registers the Community Trade Mark  and Design in the European Union




      LOCARNO Designs International Classification (10th edition)  Contact us for all previous editions as from the 1st or the French National Classification (prior to 1974)


      EUROLOCARNO: LOCARNO special edition from OHMI


      IPC International Patent classification

      CPC Patent Classification from EPO/US Patent office

      US CLASS US Classification for patents & designs + concordance between USCLASS and IPC or LOCARNO