Industrial Designs searches

  • French designs, collection starts in 1910
  • International designs, starts in 1979
  • Community designs, starts in 2003
  • Other National designs searches: GB, DE, ES, US, CA, AU etc...
  • Non applied designs (museum, magazines, catalogues)


Subject searches of a particular object/design/drawing are performed manually,  i.e all the designs classified in the relevant Locarno subclass(es) are checked.

Included free of charge in most of our searches: extra search in our in-House private database of designs, hundreds of errata or classification errors that we have been compiling during our 35 years long experience.

The Email search report always includes copies of documents:
If the search result is positive: the relevant designs;
- If the search result is negative: some 'technical background' designs are provided


The search is performed by one or more applicant name (companies or individuals).

The  search may be eventually restricted to:
-one kind of objects
example:  XYZ company, for all perfume containers
-one particular design
example: XYZ company, for the perfume container sold under the tradename XXX


Monthly or quarterly watches, by Locarno sub-classes, and competitors company names.

The watch is performed manually, i.e the whole content of the Locarno subclass(es) is (are) checked by a searcher to match your requirements.

Copies of the relevant designs are provided with an E-mail or a postal delivery.

The watch may also include an indexed bulletin with bibliographic details of relevant designs .